January 13, 2020

About Us

Youth at Heart


We are a youth organization created in 1993.We are committed to working with young people, fighting poverty and inequalities in communities.

We work with adults and young people who put their skills and knowledge at the service of humankind. We have reached out more than 20.000 persons in various communities across Cameroon, notably in the North West, South West, West, Centre, Littoral and Northern Regions. 

We have increased the participation and influence of young people within mainstream society. We aim to increase the standard of living and improve the quality of life among youths, especially those in rural areas.

    Our Mission


Empower young people with skills needed to make informed decisions thus creating a better society where they are healthy, responsible and actively involved in the development process.

Our Vision

We seek a Cameroon where all young people

  • Contribute to the development of their communities
  • Gain and share valuable skills vital for adulthood
  • Live healthy lifestyles
  • Have equal opportunities


Build capacities of young people to enable them initiate personal and community change

Creating opportunities for active citizenship development

Mobilizing people through the power of sports

Expanding the quality and quantity of adolescent reproductive health education

Presenting the case for more investment in youths through local decentralized institutions