The Way Forward For the CNYC

By Desmond NJI

By Desmond NJI Mezam Divisional Delegate to the North West Regional Assembly of the CNYC

The Cameroon National Youth Council (CNYC) created in 2009 embodies assorted organisation that deal with youth issues. As an apolitical organisation; created due to the call for the active participation of youth in growth and development of their nations, the CYNC has striven all these years to ensure youth participation but not without some lapses.

 The first hindrance is the philosophy of the organisation; many youth do not know that it is a civil society arm with a humanitarian feature. It is meant to represent the voices of youth and not for self-surrounding whims and caprices.

Secondly, the organisation is in dire need of resources to fully function. By resources, I mean, financial, physical, human and technical resources. The youth are known to be in need of these resources. Their shortage within the rank and file of the council makes work Herculean for the youth.

Besides, the monitoring system is still not very firm. I think, the activities of the youth need to be followed up to ensure that activities on the field are complementary and compatible to organisation’s goal and objectives. The dwindling nature or near absence of this scheme does not work for the efficacy of the organ.

I propose that in-depth training should be given to all would-be and present members of the council to help drive home first and foremost, the meaning of the civil society sector and why the CNYC is one. The understanding that it is more or less a humanitarian organ therefore needs to be preached in order to guide the thoughts of the stakeholders; to be vision-focused.

Secondly, I propose that the government should prioritize on the provision of resources for the council. The government can do this once and for all, but ensure that there will be self-sustenance on the part of the council. This is important at this early stage as an envision of a more efficacious and self-sustaining youth council where youth actually learn the practical art and science of leadership for their common good.

Finally, I propose an effective monitoring mechanism for the organisation. This can still be firmly placed under the tutelage of the Ministry of Youth Affaires and Civic Education which presently does that; yet the effectiveness in it needs to be seen in the domain of control to see that the activities on the field stay focused to the goals and objectives of the youth council. We envisage a grander Cameroon National Youth Council.

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