90% of young people live in
developing countries. In Cameroon
they face numerous challenges:
lack of employment opportunities,
substance abuse, negative
stereotyping and lack of leadership
opportunities. We believe strongly
that they are today’s leaders and
should be empowered to play that role!
The health of the community,
family and individual is reflected
by the opportunities women have.
We are working with women
affected by the ongoing armed
conflict in the North West and
South West regions, strengthening
their coping strategies through
vocational skills training and income
Sports is a powerful tool that rallies young people and offers opportunities to challenge stereotypes in communities. Over the year we have harnessed the power of sport in building strong resilient young people as well as promoting the rights of children.
Building strong communities starts with the girl child’s education! Through Live Safe, Play Safe and Footsteps, we engaged young women in activities that enhance self-esteem and confidence, enable them to set goals and make the right educational choices.
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Youth Outreach Programme Cameroon (YOP) is a youth association that works to empower young people with the skills they need to make informed decisions, thereby creating a better society where youths are healthy, responsible, and actively informed in the development process.

YOP connects young people to opportunities by:

Developing skills

skills determine your ability to execute your plans with success

Enhancing capacity

Youths obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge and tools needed to be competent in their various roles

Building the future

Taking the responsibility to help youths shape and build their future.


Good Governance

Young people in Cameroon face an uphill task participating in the decision making process despite the existence of the National Youth Council, generally viewed as a youth wing of ruling party.

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

Youth Outreach Programme is responding to the increasing vulnerability of youths (especially girls) to adolescence development challenges such as; sexually transmittable diseases.

Community Education, Empowerment and Development (CEED)

Our mission in the area of CEED is to give young people the opportunity to showcase their abilities and join together as a team promoting development in their communities.


The Way Forward For the CNYC

By Desmond NJI

Mezam Divisional Delegate to the North West Regional Assembly of the CNYC

The Cameroon National Youth Council (CNYC) created in 2009 embodies assorted organisation that deal with youth issues. As an apolitical organisation; created due to the call for the active participation of youth in growth and development of their nations, the CYNC has striven all these years to ensure youth participation but not without some lapses.

Our Partners

Get Involved

YOP believes that volunteerism is a major force in development. If you are a young person interested in any of our program areas. 

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